11 April 2002

          I want to confirm that we have now officially nominated as the PLP’s candidate for Fox Hill.  It is hard to believe that it has been five years since we stood almost on this same spot following the nomination in 1997. We have kept the faith.  The theme of this campaign is a “ A Fresh Wind is Blowing”.

          That theme seeks to reaffirm the commitment of the Progressive Liberal Party to be people oriented. The PLP seeks to put people first and Bahamians first. That is a firm and uncompromising position.

          In this constituency, I pledge to remain visible and accessible. It is clear that what most of the people want is good representation. That is the biggest complaint in the constituency, the lack of representation. I believe that over the past five years, I have earned the trust of the people of Fox Hill, and I confidently expect that having done the work that a society based on merit will justly reward those efforts.

          It is a great privilege to be elected to the House of Assembly in The Bahamas. It is what our forefathers and fore mothers fought for.  Indeed it is a great privilege to be nominated to run for the House of Assembly.  I feel proud to have been chosen, and I confidently look forward to serving the people of this constituency.

          This is not a time for slacking off.  This is a time for work. We must be vigilant. While we must enjoy our work, we must do our work. That means that every night we must be in a home in Fox Hill, spreading the good news that help is on the way.

          I know that many of you are concerned about the razzmatazz of the FNM’s campaign. The level of election spending by the FNM can be described as nothing else but obscene. It is a desperate campaign--- throwing money at everyone, engaging in nasty innuendo, and in the final act of desperation they have now had to call Hubert Ingraham back to the podium.  He has been lost and silent for weeks.  Now like Rip Van Winkle Hubert Ingraham has arisen from his sleep to help the FNM’s desperate campaign.

          While the FNM is spending obscene amounts of money, people can’t pay their rent and are unable to make mortgage payments.  People can’t afford medical bills. Some people don’t have food to eat. While the PLP can’t solve all of the problems, a change of Government will bring more sensitivity and attention to the actual problems of people and stop dealing with people and their problems as if they are mere statistics.

          And I want to reassure you that what will beat the FNM’s razzmatazz is plain old house-to-house campaigning.  Keep in those homes. Do not stop. Meet the people.

          And so as we officially start the race, I thank all of us, especially my immediate predecessors George Mackey and Frank Edgecombe as the PLP's standard bearers. I am enormously grateful and humbled by this opportunity. God Bless you all!  And now on to the general election, PLP ALL THE WAY.